New take on audio libaries

Adults reading aloud is one of the core activities during the early years, but we know that new technologies, pre-recorded messages and audio books can offer opportunities to children and families that we never experienced before. When I worked in Tampa as a literacy coach and family engagement liaison, I noticed that children were having

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Overhead projectors, from obsolete to trendy

People say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Overhead projectors and their expensive transparency sheets became obsolete with the invention of digital projectors. Businesses saw trash, educators saw opportunity. The overhead projectors use a lamp and a mirror to project anything in a transparency sheet or any three-dimensional object placed on the base.

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All screens are not created equal

We read in the NAEYC & FRC Technology Position Statement that all screens are not created equal.  Screens have evolved from the television days, when most viewing was passive and lacked interaction to mobile devices that can provide hands-on experiences and a vast of learning opportunities for children. Osmo makers combined the power of the iPad

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